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Tweetbot for iPhone

Looking at the Social folder on my iPhone, it’s safe to say I’ve tried just about every twitter app going from Echofon, to Twitterrific, to Weet. Even though I was perfectly happy with Tweetie back in the day, I couldn’t resist downloading the newest additions to see how they compared and whether they could lure me. Nothing ever could.

When Tweetie was bought by Twitter, things changed and not just the icon. More recently the addition of the #dickbar showing the latest trending topics at the top of the timeline outraged users and Twitter eventually accepted defeat and removed it. I tried moving to other apps during the #dickbar debacle, but still couldn’t switch away from Twitter for iPhone. Twitterrific was the second nicest app and I’d have probably switched fully to it, but lack of ability to post mine/see others location and save drafts was a huge miss that I couldn’t live without in the end.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday 14th April, Tweetbot for iPhone appeared in the App Store, created by tapbots. I’d heard rumblings about them working on a twitter app for months and being an owner of the gorgeous Convertbot I was very excited knowing the attention to detail they pay to their creations. Tweetbot also, in this case, didn’t fail in that department.


This app is polished to the hilt, it’s gorgeous. The sounds, the gestures, everything. Within minutes, was banished to a folder that resides on my second screen, named ‘Social’. That’s where all the other Twitter apps sit, having been tried and tested but not quite making Home Screen grade. Tweebot then proudly taking up home screen status next to my other most loved and used apps.

You can see the full list of features at the Tweetbot site, aswell as view the demo video which is much encouraged as it helped me understand what gestures do what. For an even more indepth look at the app, head over to macstories, who have written a mammoth review.

All I will say in ending is that this app costs just £1.19 for a limited time – you can’t go wrong. If it lured me away from being a loyal Tweetie/Twitter for iPhone users after all these years then that’s testament to a really great app. And I even gifted the app to my friend who is celebrating his birthday today, confident that he would use the app after a longtime Osfoora user. I think it’s safe to say he will be :)

Tweetbot for iPhone [iTunes App Store link]

[rating: 5/5]

Osfoora HD for iPad

Weeks before my iPad arrived I downloaded several apps to get me up and running, one of which was Twitterrific for iPad. I really wanted to love the app, but there were so many features absent that I simply wasn’t enjoying the tweeting experience from my new gadget. I checked the app store daily for a replacement and on Saturday I found it in the form of Osfoora HD.


This is the Twitter app that the iPad has been waiting for. Elegantly designed and tons of features which now makes tweeting from the iPad a pleasure rather than a chore. Check out the mammoth list of Osfoora HD’s features and screenshots from the app. As you can see it’s pretty impressive. Aside from all of it’s bells and whistles, Osfoora HD is FAST, really fast.

There isn’t a huge selection of Twitter apps for the iPad in the app store at present and with no word on when we can expect the official Twitter for iPad , Osfoora HD is the nicest and most elegant way to experience Twitter on the iPad.

Osfoora HD costs £2.39 in the iTunes App Store.


Twitter Mousepad

On 11th December I placed an order with Meninos for a Twitter Mousepad. Choosing a mousepad can be harder than you think – the shinier plastic/rubber topped ones have been a real drag for every mouse I’ve used including the Mighty and Magic mice – and using it directly on my desktop was even worse. But, the description of the Twitter mousepad made me confident that this would be perfect.

Twitter Mousepad

It arrived today and I’m so delighted with it. The quality of the cloth material is excellent and it has a rubber backing to keep it in place on the desk. My Magic Mouse glides across it quietly and fluidly.


The Twitter Mousepad is $11.99 plus shipping – in British money the total was around £12.50. A great price for such a high quality mousepad. A Facebook version is also available for the same price or if you really want to go crazy then you can order the Twitter and Facebook Mousepads in a pack together for $17.99 – a saving of $6 over buying them individually.

After sampling the quality of the mousepad, I will have no hesitation about buying from Meninos again. They carry a range of great products for the discerning geek.

The best just got better!

Tweetie 2 (iTunes) was released to the App Store last night, shortly after developer Loren Brichter announced to the masses on Twitter that it had been approved. The buzz about it on Twitter felt very similar to that which accompanies the release of a brand new Apple product. It was THAT good.

Tweetie 2

After I wrote a little about Tweetie 2 a couple of weeks ago, I read some pre-release reviews which confirmed that there were no themes in Tweetie 2, just the one simple theme. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to feel about that as Chat Bubbles has been my theme of choice since day one. I didn’t like the thought of having that taken away from me. But, the list of features kept my interest fully there, so I wasn’t going to pass judgement until I had the app infront of me.

Let’s just say I’m now thinking “Chat Bubbles? What Chat Bubbles?”. The simple clean white theme is gorgeous. Simplicity and absolute elegance. The screengrabs of the theme don’t do it justice. See it on your iPhone and you’ll feel the love. I have barely put my iPhone down since I bought Tweetie 2 last night. There’s features I haven’t touched yet – still so much more to play with which is what I love in an iPhone app. Having everything there and fully functional, but still managing to find something even more cool on closer inspection.

My favourite bits of Tweetie 2 so far are the “pull down to refresh” feature which gives that satisfying little pop sound when it’s done, threaded conversations and the little blue neon markers underneath unread tweets, @’s and DM’s. The ‘nearby’ feature is also particularly beautiful. I’m also a huge fan of the new simple silver icon. I think, like the application behind it, it’s simple and elegent. It sits on the opposite side of the same row as my Camera app on my iPhone’s home screen – and looks right at home there.

Rather than do a full review of every feature, I am going to hand you over to the Cult Of Mac who have done a sterling job on that front. One more thing I will say, however, this is worth £1.79 ten times over. I seriously do mean that. I believe fully in supporting developers when they create beautiful applications like this which change the way I use my iPhone and Twitter on a daily basis. £1.79 just doesn’t even begin to cover my appreciation.


Tweetie 2 – iTunes [£1.79/$2.99]

Tweetie 2 for iPhone

As a huge advocate of Tweetie for iPhone and Mac, I was excited to hear what developer Loren Brichter was going to announce today, regarding the next version of the iPhone client. Some people were anticipating an update to the Mac version which was released back in April, but I can’t say that there’s anything I’m waiting to be improved on that. It’s already way ahead of the other Mac apps for Twitter, IMO.


Loren has explained in depth what features will be coming in Tweetie 2, including video recording from the 3GS, drafts manager and threaded conversations like the Mac version – a feature I love and have been desperate for on the iPhone client. I’ll let Loren tell you about the whole heap of other features.

Tweetie 2 for the iPhone will be submitted to Apple this week and we’ll impatiently await the approval. Tweetie 2 is a complete rewrite and a whole new app which will cost exactly the same as it does now, just £1.79/$2.99, for new users and old. I have been following mentions of @tweetie on Twitter and have been surprised to see people complaining about having to pay for the new app. I have been using Tweetie on the iPhone exclusively for almost 10 months and I still can’t believe that this, my most used and loved app on the iPhone, cost only £1.79. That won’t buy you much, nowadays, but it will buy you the best Twitter app you’ll ever need on the iPhone.

o2 and Twitter Team-Up


o2 UK have teamed up with Twitter so that come August 1st, every o2 customer will be able to turn on text notifications in Twitter to receive replies and direct messages absolutely free. Text updates to Twitter will be part of your normal text message bundle or the cost of a normal text. You can read more on this new partnership, here.

That’s great news. I don’t think I will be taking advantage of it as I receive @reply and DM notification to my iPhone through Tweetie’s Prowl/Growl integration currently and have also purchased Boxcar – Twitter Push Notifications over the weekend to give that a go.

Will you be enabling the free notifications come August 1st?

Tweetie for Mac

I am very excited to hear that Tweetie, the best twitter client for the iPhone bar none, is coming to a Mac desktop near you. I have struggled to find a desktop client that I feel truly comfortable with other than Twitterrific. I can’t abide TweetDeck, Twhirl, EventBox or the other twitter clients which also incorporate feeds from Flickr/Facebook/RSS. Twitterrific is a very barebones app compared to the other clients around, but I do like the Mac only exclusivity and the fact that it isn’t a horrid AIR app.

I am hopeful that I can finally banish Twitterrific to the archives when Tweetie for Mac hits the tubes and I expect it will be every bit as elegant as the iPhone app.

Terminal Tip: Twitterrific

I love Twitter chatter, but sometimes there can be just too much noise, especially if there is an event being talked about heavily and people are using those annoying hashtags before the #word. If you couldn’t care less about hearing the chatter about these events, then you’ll be looking for a way of filtering them out – or considering closing your Twitter desktop client until the event is over!

My friend Nik posted a godsend last night, especially for the desktop Twitterrific users out there. It’s just one simple line to pop into Terminal (Applications > Terminal) to filter out certain tweets and hit enter. This is the line I’m using…

defaults write com.iconfactory.Twitterrific tweetTextFilter -string "(please RT|RT please|Facebook|Austin|[sS][xX][sS][wW]|#[sS][xX][sS][wW])"

From Nik’s blog;

The one above is one that I’m using on the desktop (apart from the SXSW mentions) and I’ve used it previously to hide annoying Twitter competitions and the like. To filter out tweets with other terms, simply manipulate the expression in brackets to your needs. You can enter URLs, hashtags and the like to you needs, but be sure to remember that for now, the terminal command will overwrite the existing expression instead of adding things to it so you’ll need to enter the entire thing once again. I remain hopeful that the Icon Factory will add a UI for this functionality (even if it’s just a basic ‘exclude’ list). There’s plenty more options to tinker with via the Terminal if you read the Twitterrific 3.2 Read Me included with the Twitterrific download.

I have a feeling that I will be updating terminal quite a bit. I considered filtering the hashtag altogether, but then that would probably make Twitterrific too quiet! Now, if only Tweetie had a built in filter…


A new service launched on the intertubes yesterday which is one of the most exciting twitter-related services I’ve seen in a long time.

If you’re left wanting more information about a new follower than what Twitter currently supplies in their basic ‘new follower’ notification e-mail then you might want to try Twimailer.


After registering your e-mail at Twimailer it will generate a random e-mail address for you which you just enter into your Twitter account settings as your default e-mail. Then it’s just a question of waiting for that all important new follower so you can see the beautified notification e-mail. It gives you as much information as you’ll need to know about this new follower, including their avatar, location, bio, their following/follower stats aswell as their latest 10 tweets. It’s is a great way to weed out the spammers without even having to leave your inbox. Twimailer is what the new follower e-mails should have looked like by default. Be sure to watch the video on their site for a full walkthrough.


For a while there have been Twitter extensions for other browsers out there but none, to my knowledge, for Safari on the Mac. That was until a few days ago when Safari140 was released. This new extension was created by the developer behind the elegant NewsFire and Inquisitor.

Once downloaded and installed, simply go to File > Post to Twitter where you will first be asked to enter your Twitter credentials. With that complete you can post direct to twitter from Safari and it will auto-fill the current site aswell as auto-shorten long URL’s as you can see in the screengrab below.


This could take the pain out of posting long URL’s on Twitter without having to swing by one of the URL shortening websites first.

Another of David Watanabe’s apps, NewsFire 1.6 Beta 1, now boasts direct posting to Twitter aswell as a very nice updated design.