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New Design

Since Fruit Bytes is almost 3 years old, I decided to give the site a fresh lick of paint. The old theme was feeling dated and didn’t support many of the features available in the newest versions of WordPress.

Hope you like the new look :)

Phoney Dock Icon for Tweetie Mac

I just want to pass on this wonderful alternative dock icon for Tweetie Mac, created by Matthew Rex, which matches the new icon for Tweetie 2 iPhone.


Let’s hope this becomes the official icon for the next version of Tweetie for Mac. It looks so much more stylish in my dock than the default.

To change the dock icon, I recommend downloading the trial of CandyBar.

Creative Comfort

Tell me, what are you wearing right now? No, seriously. Describe it to me – every last detail ;) Don’t worry, Fruit Bytes hasn’t gone all XXX and Adult Rated on you if that’s what you were hoping thinking. I just wonder what, as you sit infront of your computer reading this, you are more comfortable wearing.

I am definitely a PJ bottoms and t-shirt girl when I’m working (at home, obviously) and at play on the internet. That way I can just roll out of bed, stumble the 20 feet or so to the home office (with coffee!) and get started on my day without a silly thing called clothing getting in the way. In the summer it’s a vest top and shorts – and not forgetting my purple Crocs that I wear aaallll the time at home. And I don’t care what you say about them being ugly – they’re the comfiest things on earth ;)

So, apart from making sure I’m wearing the comfiest attire I can for working, I also love to have a clean and calm working environment. As I mentioned last year, I was considering switching rooms in the house and moving the home office to one of the larger bedrooms. However, since I like the view here I decided to stay put. At the start of the week I got an idea in my head about painting the room and giving it a makeover…and once I get an idea then I tend to roll with it pretty quickly. The light purple was feeling old and tired…plus it never really was the exact shade I’d hoped for. Damn that B&Q man for telling me it would dry darker!

So, my first port of call for room colour inspiration was the Unclutterer Workspaces group on Flickr. I didn’t want white, but I wanted something light and airy for a small room. As I browsed through the ‘Workspaces’ section on the IKEA website for furniture, a picture of a home office flashed up which was THE perfect colour. The closest match I could find was Northern Lights by FIRED EARTH, created in association with Kevin McCloud, a British Designer who presents the Channel 4 show Grand Designs. It was almost £23 for a 2.5L tin, but so worth the price as I couldn’t find any cheaper alternatives that had the right mix of blue-green – and I am quite well known for my perfectionism. If it’s not right then it would bother me. I wasn’t settling for less.

The paint was bought on Tuesday and soon after came a mass evacuation of the furniture from the home office. Late-morning on Wednesday is when the decorating began. I was supposed to have an extra pair of hands or two helping me out, but they couldn’t make it so I did the whole room myself. I felt very accomplished. That was all finished by early evening. Then on Thursday there was a trip to IKEA for furniture, lighting and office accessories which cost around £85. Man, what was life like before this huge blue Swedish store?

At Night


In total the whole room makeover with paint/furniture/accessories cost around £110. Not bad. I am so delighted with the colour and if I spent a lot of time in here before the paint-job then I’m going to be spending every waking moment in here from now on. Everything is so much more organised and airy. I have my main desk with the iMac on near the window as usual, then an EXPEDIT bookcase as a seperator, then the PowerBook at the back of the room on it’s own laptop table called DAVE. There is a notable absence – the iMac G3. It doesn’t get used at all thesedays so is currently sitting on the bedroom floor until I get around to thinking about making it wireless. I’m not sure if that’s worth the effort, but I’m not thinking about it too much at the moment.

So, a couple of questions for you…

What do you prefer to wear when at the computer (@ home)?

Is your surroundings important to you (@ home or work) if you have in a particularly creative profession? Did you design/decorate your room layout yourself?