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My Quick Pick of the Week: Safari 4

I have chosen not to do a full write-up of Safari 4 beta which was released to the Mac and PC masses yesterday, as Ars Technica have covered everything beautifully and intensively. However, I will instead give my very brief thoughts on Safari 4 instead of doing a formal review.

I love it.

Okay, so I’m not going to be that brief. But, that pretty much sums it up. On first opening I wasn’t sure about the new tabs placement at all, which are now located at the top of the browser window as opposed to under the bookmarks bar as in Safari 3 and earlier. For a while I kept double clicking on the bookmarks bar to open a new tab out of habit, but in actual fact I adapted very quickly to the new layout. The + icon at the top right of the browser window to open a tab feels more natural and intuitive. I like it.


The buzz on Twitter seems to be that people are missing the blue progress bar. Big time. Would you believe that I didn’t actually note it’s absence until I saw the masses of complaints. But yes, I think that might be something useful to have back as the little spinning indicator graphic isn’t really indicative of how much time we have to wait for a site to load.

Overall I’m very happy with Safari 4 Beta. Apart from the UI changes and some of the 150 new features, the speed increase is quite an improvement over an already speedy browser. I miss Inquisitor heavily as I can’t set GoogleUK as the default for my search results, but I’m sure there will be a new version along for Safari 4 soon.

So, have you tried Safari 4 beta yet? What are you liking and disliking about it?


For a while there have been Twitter extensions for other browsers out there but none, to my knowledge, for Safari on the Mac. That was until a few days ago when Safari140 was released. This new extension was created by the developer behind the elegant NewsFire and Inquisitor.

Once downloaded and installed, simply go to File > Post to Twitter where you will first be asked to enter your Twitter credentials. With that complete you can post direct to twitter from Safari and it will auto-fill the current site aswell as auto-shorten long URL’s as you can see in the screengrab below.


This could take the pain out of posting long URL’s on Twitter without having to swing by one of the URL shortening websites first.

Another of David Watanabe’s apps, NewsFire 1.6 Beta 1, now boasts direct posting to Twitter aswell as a very nice updated design.