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Hiss makes Mountain Lion Growl

If you’ve upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion this week, you’ll know that apps which have Growl notifications enabled will not show in Notification Center. Hiss is the solution.


Hiss is a small OSX app that will sit in your menubar and forward notifications from Growl enabled apps right into Notification Center.

You can download Hiss absolutely free.

Weather Neue

Us Brits tend to talk about the weather. A lot. And there is nothing I enjoy more than trying out shiny new weather apps for iOS to feed my meteorology need.

The latest app to be adorning my Weather apps folder is Weather Neue. I hate clutter and fuss in any app so I’m welcoming the minimalistic approach developers are going for in a range of apps now and Weather Neue has this nailed.


The app uses your location and location alone, there are no extensive settings to fuss around with to add other cities. The app opens extremely quickly and gives a nice animation as it finds the current conditions where you are. As well as the temperature and condition being the main feature, you also get a 3-day forecast along the bottom of the screen.

I shot a quick bit of video showing you just how quickly the app launches and the animation that takes place before it finished gathering the information.

There are four attractive themes to choose from: Scorched, Cloudy, Twilight and Old LCD. You can pick up Weather Neue FREE on the App Store.

The future of Instagram

I have raved, praised and downright declared my undying love for Instagram both here and everywhere else you can find me online. I have used it since October 2010 and it’s more than just a place to share your iPhone (and now Android) photos. It’s a wonderful community with some amazing people that have gone on to become pretty solid friends of mine from around the world. I see it as Twitter for photos.

Two days ago news broke that Facebook have bought Instagram for a whopping $1bn. Straight away Twitter exploded, mostly with shock and then outrage from…well, just about everyone, myself included. I hate Facebook and have done long before it’s become cool to hate them. I had an account for less than 2 years and it brought absolutely nothing to my life. I deleted it over 3 years ago and haven’t missed it. I don’t hate it just because of the privacy issues, I hate it for the fact that when anything cool and individual comes along, the big blue corp throw a wad of cash at it and despite their initial claims of nothing changing we all know from past experience that it most probably will – remember Gowalla and Spotify?

While there will be no knee-jerk reaction from me and I won’t be deleting my Instagram account just yet, I am preparing myself to move elsewhere should Facebook make Instagram a Facebook-login service only like they did Spotify, or make similarly unfavourable changes. My gut instinct tells me that this will happen in time, with the use of ads in app to get back some of that huge ONE BILLION they forked out for it. I don’t think they will lock current Instagram users out of the app even without a FB account, but I’m sure profile photos will not be visible unless you are logged in via Facebook like so many apps out there, Draw Something and Spotify coming to mind. Should even a hint of that ‘lite’ profile occur unless you are linked up to their service then I’m outta there.


After a bit of searching around and some recommendations, I found PicYou which seems like a clone of Instagram – perfect. The filters aren’t as good as IG just yet, but the whole app feels very much like it and there are some things I prefer about PicYou over IG. It’s early days and only a handful of people I know from Instagram have installed the app but I’m hopeful that in time it will gather pace. Currently it is iPhone only.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Instagram then do check it out [download the iPhone app here] and come give me a follow: purplelime

Apps to fall in love with this February

Love is in the air today, but don’t worry if you didn’t get a card from somebody special, your iPhone and iPad is the gift that keeps on giving and this February there are a few beautiful apps you can fall in love with.

Tweetbot for iPhone

I have been using Tweetbot for Twitter from Tapbots since it’s release day last April and it has gone from strength to strength, getting updates and new features added on a regular basis, unlike the free and almost forgotten Twitter for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The latest update, Tweetbot 2.0, landed last Wednesday with a refreshed UI and more new features to its already bulging catalogue which includes Push Notifications (at no extra charge unlike some apps!), Mute for hashtags, users and clients and so much more. If you love Twitter then you need Tweetbot to enhance the experience. £1.99 on the App Store [iTunes link]

Tweetbot for iPad

Shortly after Tweetbot for iPhone hit the streets, we had one more thing from Tapbots and it was what we’ve all been waiting for: the Tweetbot experience on the iPad. And it didn’t disappoint. Tapbots make beautiful apps – every pixel has been given that special tapbots love and attention. It has all the features of the iPhone version including push notifications, mute user/hashtag feature and so much more. It’s gorgeous. If you love Tweetbot on the iPhone then you’ll love this running alongside on your iPad: £1.99 [iTunes Link]

Clear for iPhone

You’ll have to wait just a teeny bit longer for this but not too long as tomorrow, Wednesday 15th February, is launch day for Clear for iPhone by Realmac Software. They make beautiful, functional apps for iOS and OS X and Clear looks to be no exception. They teased us with this rather lovely video demo a few weeks back during Macworld. I’m really excited about getting my hands on it. You can find out when Clear is released by following their Twitter account, @UseClear.

Growl with Style

I picked up a gorgeous style for Growl recently. It’s so gorgeous that I look forward to my apps bringing in notifications, just so I can see this visual delight appearing on my screen.

It’s the Black Glass Growl Style by Ryan Collins and I made a video to show it off in all it’s shiny reflective and magnificent splendour.


I have set this as my default growl notification style across all the apps that notify me. You can download the style here. If you don’t already own Growl, it is available in the Mac App Store for just $1.99/£1.49. Grab it here!


Stamped for iPhone

I’ve been using Stamped app for a couple of days which is a beautiful and free app for rating and recommending apps/books/movies/restaurants on the iPhone. There are similar apps I have tried but nothing comes close to the beauty and simplicity of Stamped.

What I love best about Stamped is the non-clutter. You only see what your friends are giving their stamp of approval – no comments from strangers. The typography is beautiful as you can see from the photo above.

Read an in-depth review of Stamped on Beautiful Pixels and remember, if you’re on Stamped then feel free to add me: purplelime

Stamped: free [iTunes App Store link]

Analog for Mac

For the past few months I have been beta testing Analog for Mac, created by those very clever people at Realmac Software. Today the app finally went live on the Mac App store.

Since the huge array of ‘toy camera’ style applications available for iPhone, I have become a huge fan of giving character and soul to photos that I take with a regular camera. Classic and ‘fun’ camera apps for the Mac are quite limited in comparison to iOS apps, but Analog does just that, quite wonderfully, with 20 built-in filters, 14 borders, the ability to crop and rotate images and publish your finished results to CloudApp, Flickr, Facebook and Picasa with just two clicks!

Here are just a few of the images I have given the Analog effect to over the months…

Angel of the North

Original photo

Newcastle upon Tyne

Original photo


Analog is currently available on the Mac App store (link) for just £5.49/$7.99 for a limited time so I’d say grab it while it’s on for such a great offer – it really is worth above and beyond that price tag!

If you needed any more convincing of just how cool this app is and how much work the Realmac guys have put into it, then check out their very creative Analog Story video.


Seamless for Mac and iPhone

Staying up late has its benefits as I discovered last night when I came across Seamless, a magical app that quite seamlessly lets you transition from playing music on your Mac (free app) to playing music on your iPhone or iPod touch (59p app) with a single tap – without missing a beat. Seamless, simply put, is your music to go.

My good friend Chris over at techese has written a nice little review explaining exactly what Seamless does. Head over and take a look and be sure to watch the video.

Seamless for Mac [direct link to Mac App Store]
Seamless for iPhone [direct link to iTunes App Store]

Tweetbot for iPhone

Looking at the Social folder on my iPhone, it’s safe to say I’ve tried just about every twitter app going from Echofon, to Twitterrific, to Weet. Even though I was perfectly happy with Tweetie back in the day, I couldn’t resist downloading the newest additions to see how they compared and whether they could lure me. Nothing ever could.

When Tweetie was bought by Twitter, things changed and not just the icon. More recently the addition of the #dickbar showing the latest trending topics at the top of the timeline outraged users and Twitter eventually accepted defeat and removed it. I tried moving to other apps during the #dickbar debacle, but still couldn’t switch away from Twitter for iPhone. Twitterrific was the second nicest app and I’d have probably switched fully to it, but lack of ability to post mine/see others location and save drafts was a huge miss that I couldn’t live without in the end.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday 14th April, Tweetbot for iPhone appeared in the App Store, created by tapbots. I’d heard rumblings about them working on a twitter app for months and being an owner of the gorgeous Convertbot I was very excited knowing the attention to detail they pay to their creations. Tweetbot also, in this case, didn’t fail in that department.


This app is polished to the hilt, it’s gorgeous. The sounds, the gestures, everything. Within minutes, was banished to a folder that resides on my second screen, named ‘Social’. That’s where all the other Twitter apps sit, having been tried and tested but not quite making Home Screen grade. Tweebot then proudly taking up home screen status next to my other most loved and used apps.

You can see the full list of features at the Tweetbot site, aswell as view the demo video which is much encouraged as it helped me understand what gestures do what. For an even more indepth look at the app, head over to macstories, who have written a mammoth review.

All I will say in ending is that this app costs just £1.19 for a limited time – you can’t go wrong. If it lured me away from being a loyal Tweetie/Twitter for iPhone users after all these years then that’s testament to a really great app. And I even gifted the app to my friend who is celebrating his birthday today, confident that he would use the app after a longtime Osfoora user. I think it’s safe to say he will be :)

Tweetbot for iPhone [iTunes App Store link]

[rating: 5/5]

The Allure of Instagram

Just finished reading a very interesting article named The Addictive Allure of Instagram by Faruk Ate in which I found myself agreeing with many of his points.

One of the things Instagram does very well is making the process of sharing a cool photo you just took to multiple sites really easy. After you’ve authenticated to them once initially, it is but a single tap (for each) to share your photo to Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

And my feelings on Flickr and it’s community today are very much echoed by the author.

…more than anything else, for me personally Flickr has lost its sense of being a community site.

That is one of the saddest realisations I’ve had this year – the dying Flickr community. I am a member of quite a number of groups but have noticed photo views and comments dropping off in the last 12 months alone. This meant my interest in taking photos and in particular sharing them suffered until Instagram and it’s friendly community came along. It’s unlikely that I will now renew my Flickr Pro account next month.

Read The Addictive Allure of Instagram by Faruk Ate in full.

Thanks to Glyn from iPhoneography for tweeting the article.