Nerdify your Mac with MacStickrs

I’ve never been interested in customising my Mac with decals because frankly why would you want to interfere with beautiful clean look of Apple gadgets? So when MacStickrs got in touch with me I was a little sceptical about sticking a sticker on my Mac.

The difference with MacStickrs is they are very discreet and smart – they just look so incredibly cool.


My stickers arrived this morning and they are so simple to apply – unstick your sticker, apply to your Mac’s Apple logo!

There’s a large variety of stickers to choose from: glasses, moustache’s and bundles. Most of them come with a speech bubble sticker but thankfully that is a separate sticker so you can just apply the nerdy glasses/moustache without the speech – just the way I like it.

Prices of the MacStickrs start at just $6.99 with $2 shipping worldwide. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for any Apple fan.


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