Osfoora HD for iPad

Weeks before my iPad arrived I downloaded several apps to get me up and running, one of which was Twitterrific for iPad. I really wanted to love the app, but there were so many features absent that I simply wasn’t enjoying the tweeting experience from my new gadget. I checked the app store daily for a replacement and on Saturday I found it in the form of Osfoora HD.


This is the Twitter app that the iPad has been waiting for. Elegantly designed and tons of features which now makes tweeting from the iPad a pleasure rather than a chore. Check out the mammoth list of Osfoora HD’s features and screenshots from the app. As you can see it’s pretty impressive. Aside from all of it’s bells and whistles, Osfoora HD is FAST, really fast.

There isn’t a huge selection of Twitter apps for the iPad in the app store at present and with no word on when we can expect the official Twitter for iPad , Osfoora HD is the nicest and most elegant way to experience Twitter on the iPad.

Osfoora HD costs £2.39 in the iTunes App Store.




  1. Mark Fernandes

    Bought this app the other day partly based on Sam’s recommendation (not the first time I have done so, now I come to think of it).

    Really, really impressed with Osfoora HD so far. I have tried quite a few Twitter clients on a few different platforms and they all seemed to be good in some areas but fell down in others. Osfoora has an abundance of features put together in a great layout which really takes advantage of the ‘extra’ screen real estate the iPad has over the iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Well worth looking at. (thanks Sam : ))

  2. Someday when we finally get the iPad 3G here I’ll definitely check this one out! I tried the iphone version but found the scrolling to be a bit clunky compared to Tweetie (Twitter).

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