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At the end of February I wrote about ordering the Finder icon pillow from Throwboy and the positive (and friendly) experience when doing so. Two weeks into my home renovations, my beautiful pillow arrived. It was a bittersweet occasion. There it was infront of me but because I was elbow deep in dust and debris I couldn’t open it from it’s plastic wrap for fear of it getting harmed.

It wasn’t until 10 days later that I could finally remove it from it’s plastic bag and give it a jolly good squeeze. It was worth the wait. These things are *so* well made.

Hug My Mac (16/52)

The System Attic v1.1 (stable release)

I know many people have commented on both Flickr and Twitter in the past few days when sharing photos and have asked me where this wonderful pillow comes from, how big it is, how soft it is, etc…! So, here is a little FAQ just for you:

Where can I order one?
How much was it? $29 (+ $8 shipping to UK)
How big is it? The Finder icon pillow is 11 inches by 9 inches.
Is it really soft and cuddly? Yes, 100% fleece with polyester fiber filling. Very squishy and huggable!
Was it easy to order? Yes, very simple order procedure and very friendly service from Throwboy.
Would you recommend them? Absolutely, infact I’m thinking of ordering another pillow but can’t decide which one to go for!
How long did it take to arrive? I ordered on February 24th and got notification of shipping on 3rd April – it arrived at my door on 8th April.

I know from some comments I’ve received on other sites that people are a little put off by the 3-6 weeks estimated for shipping due to the fact that they’re handmade. My response would be don’t be. The sooner you order, the sooner you will have it in your hands. It’s well worth the wait – the time absolutely flew by for me and just think how great it will look alongside your Mac set-up or on your sofa/chair/bed. It’s the ultimate Mac Geek Accessory :)



  1. My birthday is June 9th, and I like the Finder pillow kthxbai.

  2. Sam

    :lol: Subtle as ever, Mr De Jabet.

  3. I didn’t realise these were made of fleecy material, sexified!

    I ordered a Finder one two days ago lol, couldn’t resist. I found it to be the real standout icon, the others don’t seem ‘right’ to me. I think it’s because of the simplicity in colour and design of the Finder icon that translates well to fabric (can you imagine them trying to make a Preview icon!)

    I think their next pillows should be Quicktime and Xcode, ooooorrrr, imagine an iMovie one!

  4. Sam

    Nice buy, Tom. The Finder icon is definitely the one that stands out the most. I think if I did buy another then it would be the Dashboard one as they sit side by side on the dock, therefore they’d look nice together in the home office. And yeah, Quicktime would be the sexzor :)

  5. Hmmm I’m starting to think they should release an iLife set! Can you imagine the GarageBand one, be cute!

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