MacBook Pro and ACD

Nerdy Something early-2016 Setup

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written about my OS X and iOS device set-up, so let’s see what’s changed. Apple Cinema Display Last March I finally moved on from my 2007 iMac and 2010 MacBook Air and bought the early 2015 retina MacBook Pro 13″ – a much needed update. Last week I added a new, well technically old,… Read more →

Kosta by Bluelounge

Bluelounge Kosta Apple Watch Charging Coaster

Back in September 2015 when watchOS 2 was released, one of the features it brought with it was Nightstand mode. This means when the Apple Watch is charging and on its side, you can use it as a nightstand clock and an alarm clock. At that time I was only a month or so into using a bamboo dock to… Read more →


Stream On

Unlike a good many of my friends, I wasn’t too excited at the prospect of Apple Music coming late June 2015. Music streaming subscriptions have never really appealed to me, I’ve always preferred buying and owning it but I never fully explored the precise reasons as to why I was so opposed to the idea of ‘lending’. When I’m not… Read more →

Don’t be a square, use Instagram

I’ve been using Instagram since the very early days when it was an iOS-only affair and it still remains my favourite social networking community out there. So this week I was thrilled when they introduced support for landscape and portrait formats. On more than one occasion recently I have been forced to use 3rd party apps such as Whitagram to… Read more →

Bamboo Charging Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

I’ve always been old skool when it comes to alarm clocks, preferring a single use digital clock at the side of the bed to tell me the time and wake me up, despite my love of modern tech and gadgets. However, I decided that once the batteries wear down in my Karlsson alarm clock that I would switch fully to… Read more →

Nerdy Something mid-2015 Setup

I’m often asked on Twitter and other social networks what my setup is now and what (iPhone) apps I use daily. So I thought it was about time I updated my inventory for all to see. MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina display iPhone 6, 64GB in Silver Apple Watch Sport, 38mm, white band iPad mini (1st gen), 16GB, White. In… Read more →

A Week with the Apple Watch

Having received my Apple Watch Sport 38mm last week, I wanted to write down some very brief thoughts after almost 7 days with it. I have always worn a watch, mostly exclusively for fashion rather than functionality. My wrist feels naked if I go out without it. However, the only time I would put on a watch was when I… Read more →

Slothlove by Sam Trull

If you love sloths as much as I do, please consider supporting a beautiful photo book by the talented Sam Trull, over at InkShares. Sam takes some of the most moving and adorable photos of these beautiful creatures and she’s at just over 85% funded with 10 days left remaining. If you need a reminder of the photos you can… Read more →

Honeycomb Ring at Boticca

Recently I started my search for a new piece of jewellery to replace my beloved Donna Karan ring that is now just too big for my finger due to steady weight loss over the years. I wanted something that looks equally as special, perhaps even more so. A friend recommended I take a look at Boticca, a global marketplace for… Read more →