iTunes we’ll Match you eventually

I’ve been an iTunes Match subscriber for coming up two years now, but it’s only in recent months that I’m noticing the service deteriorating in relation to the amount of time it takes for my tracks to be uploaded to the cloud.


I would say I purchase around 95% of my music through iTunes, the other 5% split between other online retailers such as Traxsource and Beatport. Of the tracks I purchase elsewhere, I’m finding that it can take 24 to 48 hours for ONE track to be uploaded so that I can play it on my other devices. This is a frustratingly long time to wait. I have tried forcing the track to upload, disabling Match then re-enabling, closing iTunes etc. And often when the track does finally upload, it has done so without the artwork. Then begins the arduous task of getting it to upload it all over again, in its entirety.

I’m sincerely hoping Apple will address these issues as it is steadily becoming unworthy of the £21.99 per year price tag. I long for the days, again, when I can simply purchase music on one device and get-up-and-go to have it appear and play on another within a reasonable timeframe. And while we’re at it, where is iTunes Radio in the UK? :)

Nerdy Something

This week after almost 6 years, Fruit Bytes became Nerdy Something.

I’ve been considering a rebrand for quite some time but I couldn’t settle on a name, a name where I could incorporate a wonderful pair of spectacularly nerdy spectacles into the logo.


Last month I turned 40 and had to think up a whole new tagline for myself, given that for the last decade I’ve been known as a thirty-something Geordie Lass. Nerdy-something Geordie Lass came into my head and it stuck.

We have a brand new address, a shiny new logo and Twitter username is now @nerdything.

Thank you

I’d like to say thank you for the wonderful warm and touching responses I received following my last post. Messages on Twitter, Facebook and email, emails I will definitely respond to. I’m very thankful to know, even fleetingly, some very kind hearts and it means a great deal to me that people were touched enough to contact me.

Recovery Mode

On Monday 8th April at exactly twelve minutes past twelve in the afternoon my life changed forever. My wonderful Dad died suddenly of a massive heart attack at home.

For over 39 years I’d lived a life of comfort, happiness, much love, security and contentment. In a heartbeat, literally, all of that crashed around me. Two paramedic teams fought for 90 minutes to save his life on the living room floor, the sights and sounds of that day will haunt me forever. The only comfort we had was that he died at home with my Mum and I with him, the two women he adored, the women who adored him.

Since that day the world feels a crueller place, it’s lost its shine. Things that used to excite me do so much less so. It’s been almost 5 months and I still can’t get used to the fact I’ll never see my beautiful Dad again. He and I had a wonderful relationship, we were incredibly close. No matter how old I got, I was still my Dad’s little girl.

39 years ago

A photo of my brother and I, taken by my Dad 39 years ago.

My Dad would be the first person I’d rush to, to talk to him about what new toy Apple were releasing next. As you can imagine this time of year with rumours about the next iPhone I feel his loss profoundly, no-one to share it with who would be as enthusiastic as I. He loved his iPad mini. I see it on the coffee table with his reading glasses perched on top of his sleeve. He had around 20 tabs open in Safari – I haven’t closed any of them since he died – his fingerprints still visible on the glass. I want to keep it just as it was when he was using it.

I want to thank deeply those of you who gave me your condolences on Twitter – I received hundreds of replies and DM’s so I was unable to reply personally to every one of them, but your heartfelt sympathies were appreciated. Friends from as far away as Indiana to Ireland, friends I’ve never even met in person, sent me and my family sympathy cards – we were so very grateful for those. And I thank those of you who were caring enough to send me messages on Twitter even during my lengthy absence – it really meant a lot to me to know that while out of sight I wasn’t out of mind.

Writing this post has been a 4-month project. I started it weeks after his death and it would lead to an outpouring of grief, so in some ways it has been part of my grieving process even though I have edited it heavily over that time. But I felt that unless I addressed the elephant in the room I’d be unable to move on with the site and start writing content again.

This one’s for you, Dad. I love you.

Pixelate your iPad

When I bought my iPad mini back in October, there were few cases and sleeves around but fast forward several months later and there are a bevy of great designs around to choose from to keep our tech protected.

Last week I came across the 8-bit sleeve from Big Big Pixel. Not only do they cater for iPad mini but also iPad, MacBook Air 11″ and 13″, plus MacBook Pro retina 13″. I’ve been using a wonderful sleeve by jositajosi from Etsy since I bought my iPad mini but you know me, I cannot resist something that looks amazing fun and tunes into my love of 8-bit retro goodness.

8-bit sleeve for iPad mini

The 8-bit sleeve is made from premium synthetic leather with matte finishing and soft fibre interior, plus velcro fastening to keep your iDevice safe and secure.

I ordered just 7 days ago and it arrived today, so that was a pretty speedy journey from Hong Kong. It cost $29.95 and that included shipping, so that’s a pretty sweet deal. If you want to keep your iPad (or MacBook) safe AND be stopped in your tracks by people asking where you got your cool case, the 8-bit sleeve is for you.

MacStickrs Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the MacStickrs Giveaway. I’ve randomly picked two winners and they are…

James Stanley and Matt Gaunt.

Congratulations, guys! I’ll tweet you and email you both for your details.

MacStickrs Giveaway

A few days ago I wrote about the awesome nerdy MacStickrs for your Mac and today I have a couple to give away. I’ve got Nerd and Mr Whiskers.

Nerdy MacBook Air

If you want your Mac to look as cool as mine does in the photo above, all you need to do is post in the comments before Saturday 29th December 2012 – that’s it. I’ll pick two winners and you’ll be sent a sticker at random. Good luck!

Flickr Holiday Gift

Those nice folks at Flickr are giving out a Holiday Gift to members which extends their Pro accounts for another 3 months at no charge.

I think it’s a great move by Flickr who have seen an uptake in demand recently, following the release of their new iOS app.

If you’re not already a Pro member then you can upgrade for as little as $6.95 for 3 months, so once you’ve done that you just hit this Flickr Holiday Gift link and get yourself another 3 months on top of that.

A Very Geeky Christmas

I’m a bit late in getting a geeky gift guide out for Christmas as I’ve been waiting on the goods to arrive to review. However, these are fun for the geek in your life any time of year so I’m sure they’d be thrilled to receive them in the New Year.

Today, pin badges. I ordered these from Fabrix over three weeks ago, so they did take rather a long time to get despatched and delivered which wasn’t ideal. The plan was to order some for myself, check out the quality and then place another order to pop into the greetings cards of the geeks in my life.


As you can see, they’re very Mac inspired with Happy Mac, Dogcow and of course who can forget the spinning beach ball that we see from time to time. There are 16 designs to choose from. They come individually packaged and I think they look great.

The pins are just $2 each. Go buy a set for the geek(s) in your life now!

Nerdify your Mac with MacStickrs

I’ve never been interested in customising my Mac with decals because frankly why would you want to interfere with beautiful clean look of Apple gadgets? So when MacStickrs got in touch with me I was a little sceptical about sticking a sticker on my Mac.

The difference with MacStickrs is they are very discreet and smart – they just look so incredibly cool.


My stickers arrived this morning and they are so simple to apply – unstick your sticker, apply to your Mac’s Apple logo!

There’s a large variety of stickers to choose from: glasses, moustache’s and bundles. Most of them come with a speech bubble sticker but thankfully that is a separate sticker so you can just apply the nerdy glasses/moustache without the speech – just the way I like it.

Prices of the MacStickrs start at just $6.99 with $2 shipping worldwide. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for any Apple fan.